Quoting of PAN made compulsory-Rule 114B of the Income-tax Act amended

1.Sale/ purchase of Immovable property valued exceeding Rs.10 lakh or more
ii. Properties valued by Stamp Valuation authority at amount exceeding Rs.10 lakh will also need PAN.

2 All sales/purchases of Motor vehicle (other than two wheeler)

3. Time deposit exceeding Rs.50,000/- and Deposits aggregating to
more than Rs.5 lakh during the year with a banking company,
Co-op banks, Post Office, Nidhi, NBFC companies

4. Deposit with Post Office Savings Bank Exceeding Rs.50,000/- Discontinued

5. Contract for sale/purchase of of securities of value exceeding Rs.1 lakh

6. Opening an account (other than time deposit) with a banking company
and Co-operative banks excluding Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account

7. Installation of telephone/ cellphone connections All instances Discontinued

8. Cash payment of Hotel/restaurant bill(s) exceeding Rs.50,000/-.

9. Cash purchase of bank drafts/ pay orders/ banker's cheques Exceeding Rs.50,000/- on any one day

10. Cash deposit with banking company exceeding Rs.50,000/- in a day.

11. Cash payment in connection with foreign travel or purchase of foreign currency
of an amount exceeding Rs.50,000/- at any one time
(including fare, payment to travel agent)

12. Application to banking company/ any other company/institution, Co-operative
banks for credit card

13. Mutual fund units Payment exceeding Rs.50,000/- for purchase.

14. i. Opening a demat account; ii. Purchase or sale of shares of an unlisted company for an amount
exceeding Rs.1 lakh per transaction.

15. Debentures/ bonds Payment exceeding Rs.50,000/-.

16. RBI bonds Payment exceeding Rs.50,000/-.

17. Life insurance premium Payment exceeding Rs.50,000/- in a year.

18. Purchase of jewellery/bullion Deleted and merged with next item in this table

19. Purchase/ sale of any goods or services exceeding Rs.2 lakh per transaction.

20. Cash cards/ prepaid instruments issued under Payment & Settlement Act
Cash payment aggregating to more than Rs.50,000 in a year.

Click for details: Ministry of Finance letter Dated 15.12.2015.
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