Income Tax on Salary/Pension Calculator-FINANCIAL YEAR(FY) 2019-20-//ASSESSMENT YEAR(AY)2020-21

Enter Data for the whole year in Integers only.Avoid Decimals.
Sl Number 19 and 24 :Select diability category from drop down list .
If nothing to report,leave the cells blank.
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Select Tax Type : :

Select Residence Location(Metro/Non-Metro) :

01.Basic Salary(inclue all pay for which PF/CPF is deducted):
02.House Rent Allowance:
04.All Other Salary/Allowances:
05.Pension: :
06.Income from House Property:Click for Income from House Property Calculator
07.Other Income:
NSC Interest, Taxable portion of retirement benefits
08.Interest from Saving Bank Account:
09.Interest from Fixed Deposit:
10.Interest from Recurring Deposit:

Investments/Expenses for Tax Exemptions.
11.Tax on Employment:
12.PF-CPF Deducted from Salary:
13.LIC,PPF,ULIP,NSC Accrued Interest and other admissible deductions U/S 80C :
14.Home Loan repayment of Principal :
15.Pension Fund U/S 80CCC(max 150000):
16.New Pension Fund U/S 80CCD (max Sl.No 12 to 16 150000):
17.National Pension Scheme U/S 80CCD(1B) (max 50000):
18A Medical Insurance Premium self(age<60) U/S 80D(max 25000):
18B Medical Insurance Premium self(senior citizen) U/S 80D(max 50000):
18C.Medical Insurance Premium Parents (age <60) U/S 80D(max 25000):
18D.Medical Insurance Premium Parents (senior citizens) U/S 80D(max 50000):
18E.Medical Insurance Premium children U/S 80D(max 25000):
Aggregate amount of deduction cannot exceed Rs.1,00,000 in any case U/S 80D
19 Treatment of Physically Disabled Dependent:(select option below)
U/S 80DD max :severe disability 125000 others 75000.
Select Disability category (Severe /Non-Severe) :
20.Treatment of Specified Diseases U/S 80DDB
(max ind 40000,senior citizen 100000):
21.Education Loan Interest Paid U/S 80E:
22.Donation to Charitable Fund(100%)U/S 80G:
23.Donation to Charitable Fund(50%)U/S 80G:
24.Physical disability of tax payer U/S 80U(max 75000):
(select option below)In case of severe disability max 125000
25.Rent paid for the year:
Income Tax Rates-FY 2019-20. Income Tax Rates-FY 2020-21(Old and New Tax Regime).
NSC Interest Accretion and Matuirity value Calculator. NSC Interest Accretion Table.
Eligibility under various sections of the Act. for FY 2020-21
Allowances exempted from Income Tax. FY 2020-21