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Income Tax on Salary/Pension Calculator-FY 2023-24 AY 2024-25
Compare taxes under old and new tax regime(section 115BAC).

Enter Data for the whole year in Integers only. Avoid Decimals else you may get wrong results.
Ensure to select appropriate options for 1.Tax regime 2.Tax type 3. residence location from below dropdown boxes.

If nothing to report, leave the cells blank.

Select Tax Regime New or Old :

Select Tax Type :

Select Residence Location(Metro/Non-Metro) :

Sl Number 19 and 24 :If expenses incurred and to claim U/S 80DD and 80U
Select disability category from drop down list in Serial Number 19 & 24 .
01.Basic Salary(inclue all pay for which PF/CPF is deducted):
02.House Rent Allowance:
04.All Other Salary/Allowances:
05.Pension: :
06.Income from House Property:Click for Income from House Property Calculator
07.Other Income:
NSC Interest, Taxable portion of retirement benefits
08.Interest from Saving Bank Account:
09.Interest from Fixed Deposit:
10.Interest from Recurring Deposit:

Investments/Expenses for Tax Exemptions.
11.Tax on Employment:
12.PF-CPF Deducted from Salary:
13.LIC,PPF,ULIP,NSC Accrued Interest and other admissible deductions U/S 80C :
14.Home Loan repayment of Principal :
15.Pension Fund U/S 80CCC(max 150000):
16.New Pension Fund U/S 80CCD (max Sl.No 12 to 16 150000):
17.National Pension Scheme U/S 80CCD(1B) (max 50000):
18A Medical Insurance Premium self(age<60) U/S 80D(max 25000):
18B Medical Insurance Premium self(senior citizen) U/S 80D(max 50000):
18C.Medical Insurance Premium Parents (age <60) U/S 80D(max 25000):
18D.Medical Insurance Premium Parents (senior citizens) U/S 80D(max 50000):
18E.Medical Insurance Premium children U/S 80D(max 25000):
Aggregate amount of deduction cannot exceed Rs.1,00,000 in any case U/S 80D
19 Treatment of Physically Disabled Dependent:(select option below)
U/S 80DD max :severe disability 125000 others 75000.
Select Disability category (Severe /Non-Severe) :
20.Treatment of Specified Diseases U/S 80DDB
(max ind 40000,senior citizen 100000):
21.Education Loan Interest Paid U/S 80E:
22.Donation to Charitable Fund(100%)U/S 80G:
23.Donation to Charitable Fund(50%)U/S 80G:
24.Physical disability of tax payer U/S 80U(max 75000):
(select option below)In case of severe disability max 125000.
25.Rent paid for the year:
  • The displayed results are indicative in nature and for personal use only.
  • Only important sources of income and expenses / Investments are included.
  • Before taking any decision on taxability please refer relevant Rules / Acts or seek the advise of Tax consultants.

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